Hong Kong — Japanese Restaurants

The foods in HK-style tea restaurants are numerous, thus it is difficult to share all the foods there. Since Hong Kong is an international city, it is very easy to find foods from other countries. The most truly appreciated food by HK people is Japanese. There are a lot of different kinds of Japanese restaurants in HK. In the past, Japanese restaurants are run by HK people. However, in recent years, most of the Japanese restaurants employ Japanese cooks in order to maintain a high quality and the traditional of Japanese foods.

Here, I will introduce some Japanese restaurants which are delicious, and the most important is not too expensive.  

 1) Itamai Sushi

 “Inch length” Unagi [] (eel)– “Inch length” sushi is one of the characteristics in HK’s Japanese restaurants. Not only eel, there’re also salmon(sake []), tuna (maguro []), etc. But the salmon and tuna are sashimi, which is raw. If you don’t like raw foods, there’re a lot of special fried salmon, tuna, and other kinds of fishes.

There are also fired fishes with sea-salt. Just a little bit of sea-salt on the fish will bring out the fresh flavor of the fish. This sea-salt order is one of my favorites as well.

 Maguro [](Japanese tuna) – The tuna is extremely fatty and fresh in this restaurant. There are 2 kinds of tuna in the restaurant, one is the normal one which is less fresh, and the other one is flying from Japan. This maguro is the latter.

 Fried Tamago [玉子] (fried Japanese egg) – This fried tamago is highly recommended. Unlike the egg we have usually, Japanese egg is sweet. But this fried egg is less sweeten, and eat it with the sauce that the cook fried with is extremely delicious.

 Pumpkin ice-cream – Pumpkin flavor is one of my favorites in this restaurant. This ice-cream served in a real pumpkin shell, it really looks like these two separated things are cutting from one pumpkin.

 2) Itacho Sushi

 “Inch length” hamachi [油甘魚] (Yellowtail)

 Uni [海膽] (sea urchin) — A few years ago I tried some sea urchin that are bitter. The sea urchin in this restaurant surprised me. It is not bitter but fresh and sweet.

 Soft crab handroll

 Little tips: While HK people are crazy for Japanese foods. These kinds of restaurants are always full and have to wait for a long time. 2 little suggestions: 1) go there before 6pm. HK people used to have late supper, thus 6:30pm-8pm are the busiest time of those restaurants. 2) Reserve a table on that day.

My Rating:  

List of sushi and sashimi ingredients

Restaurants’ addresses:

1) Itamai Sushi

— No. 14, G/F, Granville road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Tel: (852) 3106-2846

— L1-19A, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong. Tel: (852) 2265-7722

— No. 1-3, 24-26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay, HK. Tel: (852) 2110-8504

— 523-527 Henness Road, Continental Diamond Plaza, Causeway Bay, HK. Tel: (852) 2187-3800

— Hong Kong International Airort, Terminal 2, Sky Plaza. Tel: (852) 3197-9404

2) Itacho Sushi

— G2/ G226-227, Amoy Plaza II, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon. Tel; (822) 2750-4066

— No 9, Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Tel: (852) 2314-4033


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