Hong Kong — Traditional Indian Curry @Chungking Mansions

If you want to try real Indian foods, “Chungking Mansions” is a place that you should go to. In fact, “Chungking Mansions” has a lot of low price guesthouses, different stores and shops, restaurants, foreign exchange counters, etc. This building is kind of labyrinth since gather a lot of ethnic minorities in HK, such as Indians, Middle Eastern people, Sri Lankans, Americans, Pakistanis, etc. The whole building has various traditional Indian restaurants. Mostly are all opened by Indian immigrants. Although this building seems really labyrinth, there’s pretty safety. When you go into the building, you have to tell the guard which restaurant you’re going, and then he will serve you to the elevator. Here, I will introduce 2 Indian restaurants which I think is definitely good and delicious. But the Indian foods in these 2 restaurants are pretty much the same.

1) The Delhi Club (新德里餐廳) — Room 3, 3rd floor


This restaurant is known as the first Indian curry restaurant in Chungking Mansions, and it’s the most popular Indian restaurants in the building. The store-owner, James, migrated to HK for many years. The decorations in the restaurant are really nice, and playing Indian music. The menu contains Chinese and English, it’s really convenience to every visitor. The foods are fresh and never use foods that are over-night.

 Pulao – “Pulao” means yellow Indian rice, which is longer than western and Chinese rice. This fried rice serve with curry is really delicious. Also, there are various fruits as ingredients, so it tastes like sweet and sour. I think this is a good one to try.

  Cheese naan – There’re difference flavors of naan, cheese is my favorite, but garlic naan is good as well. There’s 4 pieces in a dish. The cheese is in between each pizza. The smell is really good and it is not chewy.

 Chicken Tikka Masala – Grilled chicken with curry and tomato, which make it not that spicy. If you do not like spicy food, this is a good one.

 Lassi – This is a yogurt beverage, they have the flavor of mango and original. But I like the original one, because the mango flavor isn’t taste strong.  

2) Khyber-Pass Mess Club, Original Curry King (7E  咖哩王) – E2, 7/F, Block E 

Actually the foods in this restaurant are pretty much the same as The Delhi Club.

 Papadum – “Papadum” is Indian cracker. You can dip with plum sauce or mint-spicy sauce, both are really good.

 Tandori Chicken – This is fried chicken. If you don’t want to have too much curry, this is a good choice.

 Curry Beef brisket — Eat with naan is a perfect match.

 Tomato Shrimp-ball – This curry that not really spicy since there’s tomato in it. I think other curries better serve with naan, but this one better serve with rice. You are more able to taste the tomato if you eat with rice.

 Lassi — They also have the original and mango flavor. While Indians only eat mutton, chicken, and seafood, so they do not serve pork.

My Rating:  

 Little tips: When you go in the building, do not receive any cards. It is because they will think you are going to their restaurant.

How to go to Chungking Mansions…? No 36-44, Nathan Road, Chungking Mansions, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station: E exitEast

Tsim Sha Tsui railway station of KCR: L1 or L2

It is really easy to recognize since there’s a big LCD mon exist right upon the building’s door.


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