Hong Kong — Dessert (2)

Tofu pudding is one of a Chinese desserts made with some soft form of tofu. In Chinese, it’s known as Dou Fu Fa (豆腐花). There are two flavors of this dessert, savory and sweet. Northern Chinese people and Taiwanese are having savory tofu pudding. Guangdong people are having sweet tofu pudding.

In Hong Kong cusisine, it is served with sweet ginger or clear syrup.Traditionally it made in a wooden bucket, which is known as “Dau Fu Fa in wooden bucket (木桶豆腐花).” You would able to see this wooden bucket in some traditional Chinese restaurant, some Chinese restaurants in China-town as well, as one of the dim sums. Tofu pudding is best eat in hot. However, a lot of restaurants and markets would serve cold tofu pudding. Hot Dau Fu Fa is served with sweet ginger, and cold one is serve with clear syrup.


There are several cuisines that people would like to serve with the tofu pudding. The traditional is sweet ginger. Others may mix it with black sesame paste, which is known as “Black & White”, while half of the bowl is tofu pudding, and the other half is black sesame paste. Sometimes would mix it with red bean soup, which people will call it “Red & White.”  Others may mix it with mung bean soup, which people will refer it as “Green & White.” Also, you can mix with “Taro Sai mai lo” which is a dessert soup with taro, peral tapioca, coconut and evaporated milk, people will call this mixture as “Purple & White.” Nowadays, many shops will create various flavors, such as mixed with different kinds of fruits, jelly, or other kinds of tranditional Chinese desserts. Although there are different fusion, I think the traditional one with sweet ginger is the best.

You are able to have this dessert in any dessert shops, Chinese restaurants, and HK-style tea restaurants.  

Famous places for Dou Fu Fa:

1)       Lantau Island, N.T.

2)       G/F, Yung Shue Wan Back Street, Lamma Island, N.T.

3)       No 40A, G/F, Yue Man Square, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.

Shops that create various flavors of Dou Fu Fa:

1)       A4, G/F, 96 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong. Tel: (851) 2508-6962

2)       No 8, Haven Street, Causeway Bay, HK. Tel: (852) 2915-0099

 Hot Dou Fu Fa served with sweet ginger

  Cold Dou Fu Fa served with clear syrup

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