Taiwan(1) — Taipei @Yong Kang Beef Noodles

Well…I think it’s time to leave Hong Kong and depart to our next station, Taiwan.


Taiwan has tons of delicious and traditional foods. Many people travel to Taiwan mainly because of the local food. Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs done a survey in 2007, first they vote for 15 different Taiwanese dishes and 10 traditional snacks through online internet. Then found 50 western people to choose the best 10 of those foods. Beef Noodle is one of the best 10 favorite’s foods of western people.

 Yong-Kang Beef Noodle Restaurant

Yong-Kang Beef Noodle restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Yong Kang Street. Yong Kang Street is located in Taipei City, which is one of the famous streets of food shops. Since the street contains several traditional restaurants and snack’s shops, thus it gradually opened many western style restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Because of those restaurants, the street attracted a lot of visitors as well.

In early period, it is only a street vendor near “Yong Kang Street.”  The vendor is a demobilized soldier. The characteristic of the noodle is because of the special thick broad-bean chili sauce (Dou Ban Jiang). While his noodle became more and more popular, thus he opened this beef noodle restaurant. The beef noodle at the present is rich in Szechwan style, which is a cuisine featuring liberal use of hot pepper and strong seasonings. All the soup bases are cook naturally and without condiment.

 Braised Beef Noodles – This is the popular dish in this restaurant. The soup base is a little bit spicy. Although they put the broad-bean chili sauce, it didn’t taste really salty. The noodle is firm to the bite. The beefs are the essence of the noodle. Beefs are not chewy but full with the taste of the soup base.

 Clear-broth Stewed Beef Noodles – If you do not like spicy soup base, this is a good one for you. Without the strong flavor of the soup, the clear-broth would able to bring out the taste of the beefs more.

 Steamed Spareribs with Rice Flour – This is special snack. The granules on the top are garlic and rice. Under the spareribs are sweet potatoes. I think this is a very special snack, since the portion of this is not too much, and it’s a good one to try.

 Braised Beef Tendon – The beef tendon is firm to a bite and will melt immediately when you put in your mouth. The braised sauce is not too strong so didn’t cover the taste of beef. With some green (or spring) onion and garlic will enrich the beef tendon.  Antipasto: Eggplant – This one is with a special sauce, and not spicy either.

 Antipasto: Chinese pickled vegetables – The pickled vegetables added Sichuan pepper (Hua Jiao: “Flower pepper”). It is a good appetizer since it is sour.

My rating:

Address:No.17, Lane 31, Sec. 2, Jinshan South. Rd.Da-an District, Taipei City 10650, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: (02) 2351-1051

Service Hours: 11am – 9:30 pm

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  1. I love stewed beef noodles. Those are awesome food.

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