Taiwan — Oyster(1) @Oar Jien

  Oyster omelette (Oar Jien)

According to the survey which done by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, oyster omelette (Oar Jien) is the most favorite food for western people.Oyster omelette is one of the traditional Taiwanese snacks, it includes egg, shucked oyseter, slides scallion, garland chrysanthemum (Tong oh), potato starch, and water. In fact, you are able to have delicious oyster omelette everywhere in Taiwan, especially in all Taiwanese night markets. Nevertheless, a lot of people still believed that the best oyster omelette is where producing oyster abundantly, such as Anping district in Tainan City. It is because the priority to make a good oyster omelette is to use fresh oyster. A good oyster omelette should use fresh oysters that peel the shell immediately. Since the oysters do not have to serve in the water for a long time due to the transportation. However, while the transportation is well-developed nowadays, I believe we are able to have fresh oyster even we are in Taipei City. Besides, potato starch is another important ingredient of making oyster omelette. There are various kinds of potato starch. However, only the original potato starch is able to make the starch of the oyster omelette. Add water to thicken by means of starch, then put leeks and oyster together. The original potato starch would able to bring out the fresh taste of oyster as well. Thus a lot of Taiwanese said they are the perfect match.In winter, cooks would use garland chrysanthemum (Tong oh) in the oyster omelette. While in summer, they would use brassica rapa chinensis.

The oyster omelette is served with a special sauce which make with miso, tomato sauce, chili, and soya sauce.

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Making oyster omelette in night market:


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