Taiwan — Pepper Bun

 Pepper bun (胡椒餅)

Pepper bun is a Chinese traditional snack from Fuzhou, then import to Taiwan. This Chinese snack becomes one of the traditional snacks in Taiwan. The reason that it calls “pepper” bun is because the pork fillings are marinade with black pepper for a long time. Therefore, every bite of the bun will have a strong flavor of black pepper. Jia Xiang is one of the famous vender’s stores in Taichung City, which had won the reward of “The best vender’s store in Taichung City” in 1996. Her pepper bun is famous and popular according to her production of the bun’s skin, special marinade of the fillings, and to charbroil the bun. Every skin is hand-made and then put in a special crisp. After that, they will use their unique marinade method to marinade the pork with dried chopped green onions. Then put the sesame on the top of the bun and put it to charbroil for 15 minutes.

 The time and temperature in charbroil have to be exactly accurate. The strove should start in 280°, thus the oil of the pork will absorb by the skin due to the increasing temperature. The skin would also become golden and crispy. While the pepper buns are charbroiled, it does not taste really oily. And the crispy skin makes the texture of food better and taste delicious.

 Jia Xiang also produces her unique soy milk. It is a perfect match with the pepper bun, since soy milk is able to dissolve the oil. So, if you think the pork fillings are too oily, soy milk is able to help.

 Except pepper bun Jia Xiang produces other buns that are sweet, such as red-bean bun, black sesame bun, and peanut bun. All of them are charbroiled too.Other than Jia Xiang in Taichung City, you are able to have this traditional snack in most of the night markets in Taipei City and Tainan City.

Address: No. 59, Sec. 2, Wucyuan W. Road, Nantun District, Taichung City 40878, Taiwan (R.O.C) Tel: 09-5232-5323; Sevice Hours: 13:30 – 19:00, Monday off. 

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