Taiwan — Crepe

  Very Paris (非常巴黎可麗餅)

The first crepe’s shop was opened in 1997. The boss, Mr. Pang, said that because one of his friends from America wants to have the French crepe when he visited Taiwan, thus he imagined groundlessly and created the crepe for his friend. Due to this first creation, Mr. Pang opened his crepe’s shop.

 Taiwanese Crepe (可麗餅)

French Crepe VS Taiwanese Crepe

French Crepe

Crepe is thin as paper

Include both sweet and salty ingredients in a crepe(Salty ingredients are more general)

Served with cream/butter, onion, cheese, jam sauce, and herb

The special of French Crepe is adding Rum in the flour, so the crepe is full with the flavor of Rum

 Taiwanese Crepe

 Crepe is a little bit crispy

2 kinds: Sweet flavor and Salty flavor

Sweet: include jam such as strawberry, peanut, cream of fruit, chocolate, soufflé, etc.

Salty: include beef, or chicken, or seafood such as tuna salad, salmon, etc

Actually, there are different kinds of crepes in various countries, such as Japan. However, the Taiwanese crepe is the only one that has so many ingredients in one crepe.

  The popular flavours in Very Paris are black pepper beef, smoked chicken, Hawaiian seafood, Thailand lemon chicken.

 However, I think that the sweet taste is better than the salty one. Since the crepe is sweet, so it’s kind of taste weird that with the salty ingredients. And the most important thing is I believed that this snack is a dessert, it’s hard to imagine that a dessert is taste salty. ??!! Well…or it’s only me that can’t stand for it.

If you want to try this kind of crepe, I remember that there is one little shop in West Edmonton Mall’s food court. I can’t remember what the name is, but that shore has sold the sweet crepe. The second one is a little dessert’s shore in Lethbrdige called “Yo-Yo”, which near Park Place Mall. Nevertheless, for sure, don’t imagine that they are selling the same crepe as in Taiwan, those crepes in Taiwan are way better than these 2 stores.


“Very Paris”: A6, No.69, Wunhua Rd. Situn District, Taichung City 40742, Taiwan (R.O.C.). Tel: 09-2831-3327

“Yo-Yo”: 102, 5 Street South, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 2B2. Tel: 403-320-9667

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