Taiwan — King Join

 King Join Royal Vegetarian Restaurant (京兆尹)

King Join is a restaurant that having vegetable dishes. For me, I think every vegetable dish is pretty much the same. So I can’t say they are really delicious or what, but at least not bad. However, the famous foods in King Join are desserts, such as different kinds of pastries, and their most famous dessert is the Chinese Almond yogurt. The decorations of King Join are built like Chinese palace. All the waitresses dressed in traditional Chinese clothes with make-up. Their services are somehow surprise you that you feel like you are in a palace.

All the foods in King Join, included desserts, are advocated for healthy. It is because they have another label which is “the imperial kitchen,” they will provide foods like in the Chinese palace.

 “Chinese Almond Yogurt” — The Almond yogurt is served in a pot with some dry ice. The texture of the yogurt is really smooth and soft, with a strong flavor of almond.

 “Rolling of Donkey” – This is a bean flour pastry. They outer layer is covered by dark yellow bean flour, which have a great fragrant. The texture is chewy and soft. The reason that this dessert called the rolling donkey is because in the past most of the donkeys have to work by transporting the commodities, thus they have to walk across the desert. Afterward, their body is full with sand. Similar to this dessert that full with yellow flour, as a result it’s named as the “rolling of donkey.”

 Hawthorn pastry – I like the taste of hawthorn very much, so this is one of my favorite desserts too. Hawthorn contains sour taste, and is able to dissolve oily foods and encourage digestion. Therefore it is a good dessert after you have the main course.  Slide Chinese carrot sesame bun – A strong taste of Chinese carrot. I do not like Chinese carrot very much, since sometime I can taste the raw smell of it. However, this one does not contain any raw smell. With the sesame outside, it doesn’t taste oily as well.

Futhermore, the mung bean pastry is another popular dessert in King Join. The most important is this pastry does not taste really sweet. It will melt slowly when you put it in your mouth, thus the taste of the mung bean is full in your mouth.

King Join also provided various kinds of hot and healthy desserts, such as dumpling soup, raw rice congee, lotus congee, black sesame congee, etc.

Most of their desserts are really delicious and full of the traditional characteristics.

Address: No.18, Sihwei Rd. Da-an District, Taipei City 10691, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 02-2701-3225

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