Taiwan – Danshuei (2)

 “A Mother’s Plum Tea” (阿媽的酸梅湯)

阿媽的酸梅湯 Umeboshi soup/Plum Tea – Umeboshi are pickled ume fruit. This umeboshi soup apparently is a drink rather than a Chinese soup. Umeboshi is one of the traditional drinks in China. People usually have this beverage during summer, since umeboshi is able to avoid sunstroke. The main ingredients are plum, osmanthus frangrans, and rock candy. The drink taste sweet and sour. People normally drink cold umeboshi soup in summer due to the hot weather.

There are two stores selling plum tea in Danshuei Township. The more popular one is “A Mother’s Plum Tea” (阿媽的酸梅湯). The reason that their beverage is popular is due to adding additional Chinese herbal medicine in it. So their umeboshi is somehow healthier, and it doesn’t taste too sour. Actually, even though other plum tea without Chinese traditional medicine, the beverage is good for us too.

 Lao Quan Grass Pastry (老泉草仔粿)

Grass pastry (草仔粿) – The pastry is making by the leaves of Jersey cudweed (compositae), and then mix with glutinous rice. The name “Lao Quan” means the old fountains. There is a spring at the back of this store, provided sweet springs water. The citizens over there are using this spring water, thus they named the store with this name.

They have different flavors of grass pastries, such as sweet red bean, taro, peanut, ginger with mung bean, pickled sliced Chinese carrot, pickled vegetables with bamboo shoot, etc. The texture of this pastry is very chewy. I like the sweet flavors more, since I view this pastry as a dessert as well.


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