Taiwan – Night market @Shilin (1)

 Shilin Night Market

There are numerous night markets in Taiwan. In every night market, there are various traditional snacks, foods, soup and beverages, such as oar jien, oar mī-sòaⁿ, green onion pancake, tempura, different kinds of Chinese traditional buns, etc, there are different kinds of categories. All the foods in night markets are delicious and not expensive. These night markets attract millions of visitors.

Shilin night market is the biggest night market in Taipei City.

Shilin night market commercial:


[Subtitle]: Shilin night market starts at the famous temple in Taipei City. In the night market, there are various traditional and delicious foods. It also includes different kinds of entertainments. [Voice-over]: Shilin night market becomes one of the cultural norms for Taiwan people and all visitors, this is also a place that for you to shop and eat at night.

 Bun in a Bun (Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing, Chinese: 大餅包小餅)

Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing is one of the popular snacks in Shilin night market. “Da Bing” in Chinese means a bigger bun, and “Xiao Bing” means a smaller bun. The reason that it calls bun in a bun is because inside it, there is a crispy bun, this is the ‘xiao bing.” Outside it will wrap by a Chinese wrap, which becomes the ‘da bing.” There are various flavors of this snack, both sweet and salt, sweet have black sesame, peanuts, taro, red bean, mung bean, etc, and salty included curry, spicy, etc.  Sweet flavors are more popular in general; however, I think that curry is not bad too. When you come to Shilin night market, this is one of the foods that you must try.

Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing:

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