Taiwan – Night market @Shilin (2)

 Frog eggs (青蛙下蛋)

Don’t worry, it’s not really frog eggs!  The “frog eggs” are the round glutinous rice. After the round glutinous rice is cooked, a white dot will appear in the middle that looks like the eggs of frogs. The traditional and original “frog eggs” should be serving in hot. However due to the hot weather in summer, people will add a large amount of ice. The round glutinous rice is boiling with syrup, thus the round glutinous rice are sweet, then serve with lime water. Thus this drink is able to quench thirst in a hot summer. However, if you do not like sweet things, you may think the glutinous rice are too sweet. You may also add mung bean and extra lime in the drink too.

 Ideal Spareribs (十全排骨)

This little store has won the aware of “The best product in Shilin night market” from Taiwan Visitor Association. All the spareribs are boiled with twelve different Chinese herbal medicines. In order to keep herbs, the spareribs have to boil over four hours. All the essences of the medicines are in the soup, thus the soup is extremely healthy. The popular soup is the spareribs soup, however the store would also provide other herbal soups, such as chicken, lamb, catfish, etc. The reason that the sparerib soup is the most popular is because most of the Chinese soup would put spareribs in it. However if you do not like Chinese medicines, you would hate the strong smell and bitter taste of the medicines.

Stir-fry Cuttlefish (生炒花枝)

The reason of this cuttlefish dish is due to the “wok hei” which is the essence of imparted by a hot wok on the cuttlefish. Afterward, the cuttlefish will serve with the sauce that thickens by means of starch. Thus with the taste of sweet and sour, then add some cut garlic and onion. Except cuttlefish, the dish also included slide bamboo shoot, slide carrot, and squid. All the ingredients taste freshly, especially the bamboo shoots do not taste any bitter. The soup base is really taste too!

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