Night Markets in Northen Part of Taiwan

Northern part of Taiwan

District Area

Night Market


Famous Foods/snacks & Characteristic

Kee Lung City

Miao Kou Night Market

Between Ren 3rd Rd. & Ai 4th Rd.

Sandwich, ice-shaving, fried eel, etc

Taipei City

Wanhua DistrictHuasi Street Night Market (萬華區華西街夜市)

Between Siyuan Rd.and Huanhe S. Rd

Snake’s soup, Tan Tsai noodle, squid (thick) soup, shrimp with liquor, etc

Datong District –Ningsia Night Market (大同區寧夏夜市)

Between Minsheng W. Rd. and Nanjing W. Rd.

Oar Jien, pig intestine’s noodle, Tilapia soup, etc.

Shilin District — Shilin Night Market (師大夜市)

Between Wunlin Rd. and Dadong Rd

Oar jien, Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing, frog’s egg, fried cuttlefish, etc

Songshan District — Raohe Street Night Market (松山區饒河街夜市)

Start from Bade Rd

Chinese medicine spareribs, spicy stinky tofu, lotus seed ice-shaving, etc

Da-an District – Linjiang Street Night Market (大安區臨江街觀光夜市)

Tonghua St and Linjiang St

BBQ corn, rice noodle, bean pastry, etc

Wunshan District – Jingmei Night Market (文山區景美夜市)

Jingmei St

Fried bun, doufuhau, mutton fried noodle, etc.

Da-an District — Shida Night Market (大安區師大夜市)

Near the University

Fried bun, stinky tofu, lou mei, crepe, sheng jian bao, ice-shaving, etc

Jhongjheng District – GongGuan Night Market (中正區公館夜市)

Near Taiwan University

Glutinous rice sausage, duofuhau, frog’s eggs with milk, etc.

Jhongjheng District — South airport Night market (中正區南機場夜市)

Near Sec. 2, Jhonghua Rd. and Youth Park

It is one of the smallest night markets in Taiwan.

Taipei Country

Sinjhuang City—Sinjhuang Night Market (新莊市新莊夜市)

Sinjhuang Road (Near Sinjhuang High School)

Red bean bun, oyster noodle, etc

Jhonghe City – Xing Nan Night Market (中和市興南夜市)

Sinyi St. and Lane 410, Jingsin St

Goose noodle, doufuhua, bubble tea, etc

Yonghe City – Le hua Night Market (永和市樂華夜市)

Around Yonghe RdYongping Rd.Yongjhen Rd

Chinese dumpling, Chinese herbal medicine, papaya milk, oar jien, etc

Sanchong City – San He Night Market (三重市三和夜市)

Banciao City – Nanya Night Market (板橋市南雅夜市)

Nanya E. Rd.

Stinky tofu, chicken with sesame oil, roasted eel, etc

Taoyuan County

Taoyuan Night Market (桃園觀光夜市)

Near Jhongjheng Rd.

Steamed spicy stinky tofu, oyster noodle, etc

Jhongli City — Sinming Night Market (中壢市新明夜市)

Sinming Rd.Between Sec. 1, Jhongyang W. RdMincyuan Rd

Beef noodle, oar jien, lou mei, etc

Jhongyuan Night Market (中原夜市)

Near Jhongyuan University

Chicken roasted by carbon, etc

Hsinchu City

Temple Night Market (North District) (城隍廟夜市)

Around Hsinchu Temple, Jhongshan Rd., and Si-an St.

Meat balls, rice noodle, Taiwanese spring roll, etc

Huayuan Night Market (East District) (花園夜市)

Near sec. 2, South Guangfu Rd

Hsinchu County

Baoshan Township — Baoshan Night Market (寶山夜市)

A mobility night market, only open every Monday and Wednesday night

Jhubei City – Jhubei Night Market (竹北夜市)

Jhudong Township – Jhudaog Night Market (竹東夜市)

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