Night Markets in Middle Taiwan

Middle part of Taiwan

District Area

Night Market


Famous foods/snacks

Taichung City

Central District

Jhonghua Night Market (中華夜市)

Near Gongyuan Rd. and Mincyuan Rd

Meatball, Chinese spring roll, Medicine duck, etc

Situn District

FengJia Night Mareket (逢甲夜市)

Near Fusing Rd. and Wunhua Rd

Zongzi (Chinese rice dumpling), stinky tofu, sausage, etc

Donghai Night Market (東海夜市)

Near Donghai University

Cold chicken finger, etc

South District

Jhongsiao Night Market (忠孝夜市)

Near Guoguang Rd.

Omurice, Medicine duck, etc

Nantou County

Caotun Township

Caoxie Dunrenwen Night Market (草鞋墩人文夜市)

Jhongjheng Rd.

Indian tea, Medicine duck, spiral shells with liquor, etc

Changhua County

Lugang Township

Lugang Night Market (鹿港夜市)

From Lugang Temple to Minzu Rd.

Oyster, Thalassinidea

Yunlin County

Douliou City

Douliou Night Market (斗六夜市)

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