Japan — Ramen (2)~Hakata’s Ramen

If you want to eat Ramen, it is not compulsory to go to Ramen Arena, although Ramen Arena is a place for you to have the most famous Ramen. In Japan, various cities/places have their own characteristics and famous ramen. Hokkaido’s ramen is famous in miso soup base, and the ramen in Honshu is famous in soy sauce soup base. In Hakata and Sapporo, the ramen’s soup base is the pork’s bones. Hakata, Sapporo, and Kitakata are the three cities that known as having the famous noodles in Japan.

Hakata’s Ramen


The characteristic of Hakata’s ramen is having a strong flavor of the soup. The soup is milky and smooth. In fact, I don’t like the taste of pork, since I hate the raw smell and it seems like too oily. However, a real Hakata’s ramen does not contain any raw smell of the pork, and they will only use the pork’s bones to boil the soup, without the fat.

Of course, in Hakata, there are various restaurants provide the ramen with pork’s bone soup base. But each restaurant has their characteristics and a unique cook method. Some may add chicken’s bones in the soup, or some may put vegetables, in order to produce different kinds of Hakata’s ramen for people.

The second characteristic of Hakata’s ramen is the noodles are thinner than usual. As I know, it is because the employers understand most of the working class people/ employees have limited lunch time. Thus the thinner the noodles are able to shorter the cooking time.

Famous Ramen’s restaurants:

1) Ikkousha Ramen


Ikkousha Ramen is popular in Japan, and she is one of the restaurants that had opened in Ramen Arena. Ikkousha provided 2 famous ramen soups.

One is the soup boil from the pork’s bone that have pulled the fat, and then fried and stewed in shochu, brown sugar, salt, and miso. It tastes pretty salty.

The second one is the strong flavor of soup which mixed Fukuoka’s soy sauce with a large quantity of pork, and then with the fried bones and stewed with shochu, brown sugar, and miso.



1-4-22 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city (Jap: Fukuoka-shi), Fukuoka hsien (Jap:Fukuoka-ken); TEL: 092-732-5536

1-4-17 Central, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken; TEL: 092-262-8399

Shimakyo, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu; TEL: 075-371-2134

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