Japan — Ramen (3) ~Hakata’s Ramen (cont)

Hakata’s Ramen:

2) Traditional Nagahama House



It opened in 1954, it’s an old and popular ramen restaurant. There are 2 stores in Nagahama, the ramen from this little restaurant is known as the “Nagahama’s Ramen.” When enter the house, the ramen will provide to you without order automatically. It is because they only provide the traditional Hakata’s ramen. However, you can choose the texture of the ramen. They provide 4 different textures: raw (Jap: na-ma), hard (Jap: Ka-ta), normal (Jap: na-mi), and soft (Jap: ya-wa). The hardness of the ramen will influence the quantity of the oil of the ramen. The raw noodles are the less oily. But if you want to have raw ramen, but a little bit oil, such as sesame oil, on it. Then you have to order. The hardness of ramen and the quantity of oil become the characteristics of this ramen house.


Address: 2-5-19, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city

3) Gen-ei (Jap: Gen-ei Ramen geki-jyo-u)


In Japanese “geki-jyo-u” means theatre, or a place that provides shows. All the ingredients of the ramen are additive-free. You are able to taste the original taste of the soup and the meat. Besides, this restaurant decorated as a show room. There is a window that customers are able to see inside the kitchen, so people can see how the cooks made the ramen. It is really interesting.

Address: 2-16-3 Yakuin, , Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city

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  1. I think I have been to this “geki-jyo-u” restaurant some years ago. At that time, there was a ramen making machine by the side of the kitchen which makes their own ramen. The ramen is very fine and it was great skill and art to cook a bowl. The taste was also very distinct and the soup is clear. Good of you to introduce such fine ramen and keep up the good work.

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