Japan — Ramen(4) ~Hakata’s Ramen (Final)

Hakata’s Ramen:

 4) Hakata Gogyo Noodle Restaurant

Gogyo is a brand new ramen restaurant in Fukuoka city. The decorations of the restaurant are like a romantic bar. They provide some creative cuisines. The characteristics of their ramen are contained “deep-fried” soup, soy sauce, and miso. It is the soup boiled in 300 degree. In this high temperature then add the “deep-fried” soy sauce and miso. However, some people might think the soup is too strong. Hakata Gogyo is under Chikara no moto company. This company has various ramen restaurants, such as Hakata Ippudo ramen restaurant, Tiger kitchen restaurant, Gyoshu-Danshiro Shouten. Therefore, you do not have merely go to Fukuoka to have Hakata’s ramen. They have branches in Tokyo as well.

Address: 18-26 1-chome Imaizumi, Chuo ward, Fukuoka city; Tel: 092-735-4152

5) Ramen Stadium

Similar to Ramen Arena in Odaiba, this ramen Stadium located in Canal city. The Stadium contains 8 popular ramen restaurants, mainly are from Kyushu. Thus, you can have different choices to taste Hakata’s ramen here.

Address: 1-2-225F Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city.


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After-word: If you want to try some traditional ramen in Japan, there are many ramen vendors on the street. You can see them in many places. I think it is another way to experience Japanese culture.



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  1. I’ve had the kogashi miso ramen at the Gogyo in Nishi Azabu and it was very interesting. Almost like slurping noodles out of dirt, but it was very very good.

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