Japan — Tsukiji (1)

Tsukiji Market (Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market) [Jap: Tsukiji shijo]

Tsukiji Market divided into 2 parts: the “exterior” market and the “interior” market. There are over hundred stores in the “interior” Tsukiji Market, included traditional grocery stores and sushi restaurants. Since there is a fish auction market, which is in the “exterior”, therefore, most of the restaurants would provide fresh fishes for sushi and sashimi. However, visitors have to apply a permit to go to the fish auction market. If you are not the auctioneers, you can not go there. But I think not many people will go since the auction start at 5 in the morning. I believe people are still having their dreams.

Before the auction, all the fishes will put on the floor for auctioneers to choose. Of course, who pay the highest price will get the fish. Then they will cut up the fishes for sushi and sashimi, or sell in the market. As a result, if you want to have better and fresher fishes, you better go to the restaurant earlier. Most of the retail stores will close at 11am. The auction will usually rest on Monday and Wednesday.

Tsukiji Market:


The “exterior” Tsukijji Market is full of traditional Japanese style. There are a lot of famous sushi restaurants and chain of retail stores. These sushi restaurants are rose in Tsukiji in the beginning, then open branches in Tokyo and other places, for example Tsukiji Sushi-sen, “Tsukiji Sushi Ichiban”, “Tsukiji Sushi-say”, etc.


1) Tsukiji Sushi-sen

This is one of the sushi restaurants that the Japan National Tourist Organization recommended. It is not expensive. I saw some Japanese blogs said that this restaurant is even cheaper than the conveyor belt sushi restaurants.


I really like the hand-roll of crab. It tastes really sweet, and without and raw smell of it or the sea water. It is really good!


Fillet a tuna:

(You can also visit the website of Tsukiji Sushi-sen: “fillet a tuna” )


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