Japan — Tsukiji (2)

Other popular sushi restaurants in Tsukiji Market:

2) Tsukiji Yamato Sushi

This is a traditional and old sushi restaurant. Almost every people who go to Tsukiji market will go to Yamato restaurant for sushi. Both the sashimi and rice are really delicious. There is no doubt that they are using the fresh fish that buy from the auction. The taste and the texture of the rice is perfect too, not to sour or not too loose. I don’t have a rich knowledge about sushi, but it seems they are making the tradition sushi. However, the worst thing about this sushi restaurant is too many people go there. Thus most of the time, there are many people lining up outside the restaurant. Since it is a small sushi restaurant, customers are not able to sit in there for too long.

3) Sushi Donburi no Don

The sushi restaurant is ranked in a “B” level by many Japanese magazines. Donburi/don in Japanese means rice bowl. Sushi donburi usually have rice in the bottom, and sashimi on the top. You can choose different kind of sashimi that go with the donburi. Their popular donburi are contained 3 different kinds of sashimi in it.

4) Tsukiji Sushi-zanmai Bekkan

If you are fans of tuna sashimi or tuna sushi, then you should go to this sushi restaurant. Sushi-zanmai is a big company which has a lot of sushi restaurant branches throughout Japan, such as Honten, Shinkan, etc.

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