Japan — Strawberry Pastry

Strawberry Pastry (Jap: yuki-ichi-go; 雪莓娘 )


It is one of the Japanese desserts. These kinds of pastries are called “daifuku” in Japanese. However, the name “yuki-ichi-go” is not taken by Japanese. It has no name in Japan at the very beginning. This strawberry pastry appears is only because a Japanese old lady wants to make daifuku. Then she uses strawberry as the ingredient, and people thought that was really delicious. Thus people call this as strawberry daifuku. When Taiwanese import this strawberry daifuku from Japan, they named it as “yuki-ichi-go”.

“Yuki” means snow, it is because the pastry is wrapped by mochi, which is one kind of Japanese rice cake that made of glutinous rice. Also, it is served in cold; inside the pastry it has wrapped whip cream, sponge cake, and a strawberry (Jap: ichi). The big characteristic is when you put in your mouth it has a feeling of like snow melting. That’s why the Taiwanese people used the word “yuki” to describe this dessert.

You are able to buy this pastry in some train stations and department stores, but those sold in the train station is the traditional. Strawberry pastry is seasonal, so you may not always see it. There are numerous kinds of daifuku too, both sweet and salt. But I think sweet taste better, and the strawberry pastry is the best!

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