Japan — Tofu cuisine

Tofu cuisine @Kiyomizu Temple (JAP: Kiyomizu-dera)

Kiyomizu-dera is a famous Buddhist temple in Kyoto. This is one of the visiting sights that you should go when you visit Kyoto. Except Kyoto’s cuisine, you should try the tofu in Kyoto too. There are numerous restaurants in Kyoto that provide tofu cuisine, both expensive and cheap.

There is a little tofu restaurant in Kiyomizu temple. Even the foods do not impress you, but the environment is a perfect place that you should enjoy. The restaurant divided into 2 parts, outdoor and indoor. Of course, outdoor is more attractive. You seem like sitting on the top of the mountain, and a forest around you. The whole environment is quiet and beautiful. 

They do not have a really special cooking method for the tofu. They only use the hot water to soak the tofu, but the tofu are really good. I think they are using some great soybean. () Customers served the tofu with Japanese soy sauce and green onion.

Plain tofu – People can serve this tofu with the soy sauce and the green onion. I think people it is one of the dishes that people should try, since it can taste the original taste of Japanese tofu.

Tofu Udon – The tofu is oily tofu skin. The restaurant also provides other tofu that serve with udon or soba.

Red bean soup with tofu – Japanese red bean soup is different from Chinese one. Their red bean soup is not as sweet as Chinese red bean dessert.

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