Japan — Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki (御好燒)


Okonomiyaki is one of the popular Japanese dishes which consist of a pan-fried batter cake and various ingredients. “Okonomi” means “what you like”, and “yaki” means “grilled”. The okonomiyaku came from Osaka and Hiroshima, thus Taiwanese called okonomiyaki as Osaka yakisoba. Because of different flavor of different cities, there are different flavors of okonomiyaki throughout Japan. Such as Okinawa’s flavor is called “Hirayachi”, and in Kinki-region is called “Modan yakisoba”. But they are all based on the traditional okonomyaki.

The main ingredients are cabbage, water, egg, etc, and then mixed with noodles, and seafood or meats, such as shrimp, pork, beef, etc.The cook will first put all the ingredients in a big bowl, then will pan-fired everything like a pancake.

In most of the Okonomiyaki restaurants, you can cook the okonomiyaki by yourself or the chef. So, customers are able to try to make okonomiyaki.

There is a special sauce for the Okonomiyaki, then serve with slide seaweed, mayonnaise, green onion, etc.

How to make Okonomiyaki?

Recommended restaurant:

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Meat Okonomiyaki

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Osyter Okonomiyaki

Vegetables Okonomiyaki

Jumbo Okonomiyaki


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