Japan — Owakudani Black Egg

Owakudani Black Egg

 Owakudani is a famous national park in Hakone. 4,000 years ago, the volcano in Owakudani is almost not active. Thus, a lot of steams come out from the volcano. Also because of the steams, Japanese called this Owakudani national park as a “Hell Valley”. Even now, there still a lot of steams come out from the dead volcano. Due to the steams, there is a strong smell of sulphur.

From the parking lot to the middle of the volcano is 670m; it usually takes 30 minutes to go up there. Throughout the pathway, people can smell the sulphur. On the middle of the volcano, there is a tourist center that sells different souvenirs and the black eggs. According to the local legend, one egg can postpone one’s life for 7 years. Would you believe it?? …(I’m not! ) 6 years ago I been to Owakudani, as I remember one pack has 6 eggs. My cousin and I, each of us have 3 eggs……According to what the legend said, I will have 21 years more…Well…seems like postponed too many years…hah…


As I remember these eggs are not really special, the egg shells are in black color only. But because they are made by hot spring water, thus, there is a slightly different taste of the yolk. What I really remember is after I ate 3 eggs, I am super full!


Owakudani is also a place that can view the Fuji Mountain. Also, you will have totally different feeling when you go to Owakudani National Park in summer and winter.

A whole view of Owakudani:

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