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Wagashi is a traditional Japanese dessert/sweet snacks, or some people will say they are Japanese dim sum. Wagashi has almost 1,000 years of history. The main ingredients are rice, flour, red bean, and sugar. Mostly Japanese people are served it with green tea, especially in spring and summer, a lot of Japanese will have wagashi while they are enjoying the cherry blossoms (JAP: sakura) and other flowers.

Depended on different seasons, sessions, and occasions, there will be different kinds, patterns, shapes, and flowers of the wagashi.

Most of the yaki, such as dorayaki, taiyaki, etc, are belonged to wagashi as well. Thus not all wagashi(s) are created very beautiful.



Here are some beautiful wagashi:

Recommended Stores:

1) In Ueno, there are various stores that sell traditional Japanese products, foods, and drinks. It is a good place for visitors to buy gifts.

2) 7-jyo-kansyundo – 7-jyo-kansyundo provides different kinds of wagashi. One special wagashi is the “tea set wagashi”. You can use the cup to drink tea, at the same time you are also able to eat the tea cup. That’s really cool~

Address: No. 551, higashi-iri-nishi Street, Shichi-jyou Main Road, Higashiyama City, Kyoto; TEL: (075) 541-4090; Business Hour: 10:00 – 18:00

3) Tsuruya-yoshinobu (homu-peji) – Tsuruya-yoshinobu have various stores in Japan, but their main chain is in Kyoto.

Address: 602-8434, horikawa-nishi-iri, imotegawadoori Street, kamigyouku District, Kyoto. TEL: 075-441-0105

Other Stores’ Address (In JAP)

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