Japan — Hokkaido milk

Dairy products are the famous local products in Hokkaido. It is because Japan produces their dairy cattle. The cows grew in Nature of Hokkaido at ease. The nice and cool climate and fresh air, and with the rich grass zone of Hokkaido that makes the cow grew healthily and naturally. Thus Japanese usually have their local milk products. Their milks contain a strong taste of milk, and are very smooth. Therefore, in Hokkaido, there are a lot of foods and beverage that made by Hokkaido milk, such as chocolate, tofu, desserts, bread, etc.

Hokkaido milk

There are various kinds of Hokkaido milk in Japan. You are able to buy those milks in any department stores, convenience stores, etc; no matter you are in Tokyo or Hokkaido. Like the dairy products in Canada, they divided into skim milk, semi-skim milk, 2%, etc.

Hokkaido Milk Beer


Milk + Beer = Bilk


Abashiri beer brewery combined beer and milk. The beer contains 30% of milk, thus the beer is a little bit sweet, somehow taste like juice with alcohol. If you like the real taste of beer, you will not like this milk beer. Maybe it is more suitable for women since it do not taste too strong. 

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