Japan — Shiroi Koibito Chocolate

Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Cookie (JAP: 白い恋人)

“Shiroi” (白い) means “white”, “koibito” (恋人) means “lover”. This chocolate cookie is one of the most popular sweet in Hokkaido.

This Shiroi Koibito’s chocolate factory is opened by Ishiya Company, and it located in Hokkaido. Maybe I like the story about “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ,” it is really interesting to visit this chocolate factory. If you have a chance to go to Hokkaido, you definitely have to go there. But you don’t have to go to Hokkaido to buy Shiroi Koibito chocolate cookies, since you are able to buy it in most of the department stores and in the airport.

I really enjoy visiting this chocolate factory, because it decorated like a palace. Besides, there is a big restaurant in the factory, selling different kinds of home-made desserts and beverages. Also, you are able to see how the Shiroi Koibito chocolate cookies produce.

The chocolate factory:

Shiroi Koibito milk

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Japan — Rokkatei

In Otaru, next to Kitakaro store is Rokkatei.

Like Kitakaro store, Rokkatei also provides popular chocolate and desserts in Japan. Most of the desserts in Rokkatei are really famous, a lot of foreign visitors will come here and buy these desserts as gifts.

Strawberry Chocolate Ball – White or black chocolate ball, inside have a strawberry. A little bit sour taste of the strawberry then serve with the sweet chocolate is a perfect match. Thus, it won’t be too sweet only having the chocolate ball.

Maruse Butter Cookie — Butter cookie inside contain cream with rum raisins

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Japan — Baumkuchen


Baumkuchen is German. In Chinese, it means “the cake of rings.” A lot of Japanese people buy Baumkuchen cake as a gift, because they thought that the rings on the cake are similar to the rings on the tree. Thus they gave Baumkuchen cake the meaning of longevous and prosperous. Some Japanese people would have Baumkuchen as their wedding cake as well.

Usually a Baumkuchen cake is height 35 cm, and the diameter is 11 cm.



Recommended stores:

1) Kitakaro


Kitakaro store is really popular in desserts, Baumkuchen cake is one of them. They have a lot of chains throughout Japan.

They have a special name for the Baumkuchen cake. If translated it to English is “The spirit of the tree.”

Most of their stores are located in Hokkaido. The chain in Otaru city is a famous store that a lot of foreign visitors go there.

2) Villon

The characteristic of Villon’s Baumkuchens are baked in a vase. Thus different Baumkuchen cakes would have the special shape. To bake these kinds of Baumkuchen cakes are really difficult. It has to bake it one layer by one layer, and keep rotating it. Because of the special shape of the Baumkuchen cakes, Villon is one of the popular stores that sell Baumkuchen cakes in Japan.

It is the Baumkuchen cake which has the jelly of the raspberry inside, it contains that sweet taste of the cake and the sour taste of the raspberry jelly.

It is the shape of pear, and the Baumkuchen cake has the jelly of pear inside.

It is the shape of pear, and the Baumkuchen cake has the jelly of apple inside.

This is their oldest and original taste of Baumkuchen cake in this store.

Trio- Baumkuchen: included chocolate, coffee, and the original taste.

Green Tea Baumkuchen cake

Villon not only provides Baumuchen cakes, but also other, such as different kinds of chocolate.

Address: 2-8-4 Sakura-shin-machi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Metropolis; TEL: 03-3427-2555; Business Hours: 9:30 – 20: 30, Thursday off.

3) Juchheim


Juchheim’s Baumkuchen cakes are one of the successful candidates in the award of “The Best Tokyo gift.”

They provide 3 different sizes of Baumkuchen cakes.

Apple flavor – with cooked apple inside


Address of the main store: 1-4-13 Motomachi district, Chuo-city, Kobe

Juchheim has a lot of chains in the department stores throughout Japan, also in the airport. So if you can’t buy it when you travel around Japan, you can buy it in the airport.

4) Minamitei Baumkuchen

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Japan — Lavender products@ Furano



Furano is the most famous place that plant lavender in Japan. Since 1903, a lot of people came to visit Furano because of the “flowers-lands” that made by 7 different colors.

Farm Tomita @ Furano


Farm Tomita is the most successful lavender farm in Furano. In the farm, there are 5 areas for the visitors to enjoy the nature.

The best time to enjoy lavender is between May and August.

The farm also provide different products that are made with fresh lavender extract, such as soap, fragrance, perfume, and also some foods like ice-cream, coffee, candies, etc.

Lavender Soft Ice-cream — This one is the most popular product that every people will try when they visit the farm. Made with the natural lavender and the famous dairy product from Hokkaido, the ice-cream contains the nature taste of lavender. Also, it is really smooth and delicious.

Lavender Soda Pop

Lavender Pudding with honey

Lavender Cream Puff

Lavender Jelly

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How to go there?


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Japan — Pastel (2)

Not only underground stations sold Pastel’s pudding, this company also opens restaurants around Japan, recently a chain store opened in Taiwan, for people to taste their famous puddings.

Stores’ List (I linked to the stores that are in Tokyo, but it is in Japanese, because there are too many stores, I can’t translate….)


Except puddings, there are other kinds of desserts from Pastel. I am really impressed with Japanese dessert, it is because they are not only taste good, but also look really nice. It just make you really happy~

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Japan — Pastel (1)

Pastel’s pudding

This pudding is one of the desserts in Pastel’s Italian chain store. Japan is one of their conglomerates. Pastel’s puddings become popular in Japan are due to a TV interview. After that TV show, like strawberry pastry, there are a lot of stores sold Pastel’s desserts in underground stations.


All of their puddings are made by high quality of fresh cream and egg yolk, thus it is really smooth. And they are served in cold.

The original Green Tea Flavor

Strawberry Flavor Caremel Flavor

Pudding chocolate Strawberry custard

Some seasonal desserts:

Strawberry Jelly (It adds lemon fruit juice in it)

Strawberry rare cheese

Orange and grapefruit jelly

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