Taiwan – Danshuei (4)

 Black Restaurant (Hei dian, Chinese: 黑店)

In Chinese, “hei dian” means store which will cheat or rob their customers. Thus, in Chinese meaning, the name of this restaurant is pretty weird and funny. Despite her name, this restaurant is really popular in meat and fowl that stewed with soy sauce and strained (Lou Mei, Chinese: 滷味). This little restaurant is hidden in between some alleys, so it is pretty hard to find.

 Lou Mei dish – All the foods in this dish are stewed with special soy sauce and strained before severed, it included eggs, kombu, pig’s ears, and special bean’s skins that made by egg, glutinous rice, and zha cai. These kind of skins are one of the traditional foods in lou mei dishes.

 Chicken drumstick rice – The chickens are stewed with special sauce and then deep-fry. While the chicken skins are already stewed, thus when the chicken are deep-frying, it won’t absorb too much oil.

 Spareribs rice – This is the popular rice in this restaurant. The spareribs are unsalted, only fill in appropriate doubanjiang and potato starch while deep-frying. Then sever with different kinds of beans, pickled vegetables (Suan cai, Chinese: 酸菜), Chinese fermented black beans (Douchi, Chinese: 豆豉), pig’s skin, chili and peppers, and rice.

Address: No.8-10, Lane 62, Sec. 1, Jhongjheng E. Rd., Danshuei Township, Taipei County 25147, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 02-2805-2790. Service Hours: 10:30 – 13:30, 16:30 – 19:00

 Tai G Restaurant (G)

Tai (Chinese: ) which is stand for Taiwan. The popular of this restaurant is due to their food are her medication soups. Most of the soups have put in Chinese medicine and chicken, thus people are able to have healthy and delicious soup in the same time.

Chicken medication soup – This soup is their popular soup. It contained Chinese date (Jujube), wolfberry, astragalus root, angelica sinensis (dong quai), Chinese knotweed root (ho shou wu), etc. Then boil the soup for over two hours. The best of this soup is it does not have a strong flavor of Chinese medicine.

Chicken with sesame oil soup – The soup base included sesame oil and cooked ginger, then add a large amount of water and boil for seven minutes. The chickens are really delicious since it has a strong flavor of sesame oil. However the soup base is really oily, so I just serve it as a dip instead of soup.

Address:   No.95, Yingjhuan Rd., Danshuei Township, Taipei County 25151, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 02-8631-6800. 

 Outside Danshuei:

1) No.61, Wunhua N. Rd., Sanchong City, Taipei County 24147, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

2) No.1, Lane 269, Wusing St., Sinyi District, Taipei City 11042, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

3)       No.21, Yumin 1st Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City 11282, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

4)       No.24, Gongkou St., Banciao City, Taipei County 22055, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

5)       No.180, Yanji St., Tucheng City, Taipei County 23642, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Taiwan – Danshuei (3)

 Crispy fried Taro

Inside the crispy fried taro is mashed taro and with some grainy taro. Thus it’s the texture of food. Since eat too much taro is not good for the stomach, mashed taro is easier to digest.Because it is fried, so there is a paper wrapped in order to absorb the oil. However, the fried taro is kind of long, I think it can serve two people, otherwise you will be so full and not able to have other snacks.

Address:  Jhongshan Rd.(the cross-section of Cingshuei St.), Danshuei Township, Taipei County 25174, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Business Hours: Monday – Sunday — PM:15:00~PM:21:00


This store opened since 1976 in Danshuei. They provided really smooth doufuhua. In summer, they will provide cold doufuhua, and hot one in winter, thus people are able to have doufuhua in four seasons.They have 4 flavors of doufuhua is popular, original, pudding, chocolate, and almond. Their syrup is unique.

The other special thing of their store is they will mix other Chinese desserts with the doufuhua, such as mung bean soup, tangyuan, peanut, etc. Also they will mix raisin and chocolate jam.

Address: No.9, Lane 21, Yingjhuan Rd., Danshuei Township, Taipei County 25174, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 02-2622-7936


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Taiwan – Danshuei (2)

 “A Mother’s Plum Tea” (阿媽的酸梅湯)

阿媽的酸梅湯 Umeboshi soup/Plum Tea – Umeboshi are pickled ume fruit. This umeboshi soup apparently is a drink rather than a Chinese soup. Umeboshi is one of the traditional drinks in China. People usually have this beverage during summer, since umeboshi is able to avoid sunstroke. The main ingredients are plum, osmanthus frangrans, and rock candy. The drink taste sweet and sour. People normally drink cold umeboshi soup in summer due to the hot weather.

There are two stores selling plum tea in Danshuei Township. The more popular one is “A Mother’s Plum Tea” (阿媽的酸梅湯). The reason that their beverage is popular is due to adding additional Chinese herbal medicine in it. So their umeboshi is somehow healthier, and it doesn’t taste too sour. Actually, even though other plum tea without Chinese traditional medicine, the beverage is good for us too.

 Lao Quan Grass Pastry (老泉草仔粿)

Grass pastry (草仔粿) – The pastry is making by the leaves of Jersey cudweed (compositae), and then mix with glutinous rice. The name “Lao Quan” means the old fountains. There is a spring at the back of this store, provided sweet springs water. The citizens over there are using this spring water, thus they named the store with this name.

They have different flavors of grass pastries, such as sweet red bean, taro, peanut, ginger with mung bean, pickled sliced Chinese carrot, pickled vegetables with bamboo shoot, etc. The texture of this pastry is very chewy. I like the sweet flavors more, since I view this pastry as a dessert as well.


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Taiwan – Danshuei (1)

Danshuei Township (淡水鎮)is a sea-side town in Taipei Counrty. It is named after a river whose name means “freshwater”. Danshuei Township has various famous sightseeing, such as Danshuei Traditional street, Danshuei Fisherman’s Wharf (淡水漁人碼頭), lover’s bridge, several pasturelands, etc.  Oily Tofu (Taiwanese: A-ge 阿給)

A-ge is one of the popular snacks in Danshuei Township. The name “a-ge” is from Japanese “a-bu-ra-ge” which means oily tofu. “A-ge” is used a empty tofu and put meat, cellophane noodles, and master stock. Then steam it. Afterward serve it with difference kinds of sauces.  In summer, you can serve it with cold soybean milk, while in winter people usually serve it with hot fish-ball soup.

Address: Jhenli Street, Danshuei Township, Taipei Country 251, Taiwan (R.O.C) Tel: 02-2621-1785

 The longest ice-cream

Have you ever tried the longest ice-cream? You can have it in danshuei Township. Most of the stores there sell this long ice-cream. It usually has vanilla, chocolate of both. I found that is really fun, but it is impossible to finish the whole ice-cream cone. Apparently when you ate half of it, you already got a headache.

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