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After you go to Din Tai Fung for dinner, you should go to the dessert restaurant, ice-monster, that near it. A lot of Taiwan travel magazines have introduced this dessert restaurant. Since 1995, strawberries’ ice shaving and mangos’ ice shaving became the most famous dessert in Yong Kang street. Ice-monster also gained the award of “The best red bean soup.” This restaurant created some special hot dessert for winter as well, such as ginger soup with sweet potato, tangyuan (stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup), etc.

The characteristics of Ice-monster are to provide seasonal and fresh fruits. Therefore, they can’t cut more mangos and/or berries than the orders. Secondly, the sweet and sour proportions of every dessert has to be balanced. The employer of Ice-monster believed that the best flavor of all kinds of fruits should contain appropriated fruit acids. Too sweet or too sour would lose the original flavor of the fruit. As a result, different ice shavings which served with fresh fruits, sauce, ice-cream, and evaporated milk have attracted numerous of visitors.

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(Subtitle): The famous mango ice shaving in Ice-monster attracts a lot of visitors; The most popular is the ice shaving served with 3 different fruits and 3 ice-cream balls; We also have a lot of others delicious desserts; Here’s I introduce to you all — Ice-monster in Taipei City.



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