Taiwan — Modern Toilet Restaurant

 Modern Toilet Restaurant ()

No kidding, this is a restaurant! The theme of this restaurant is the bathroom.  Eating here is a very extraordinary and interesting experience to say the least. You will never imagine two wholly extreme things can link together. All the seats are close-stool; tables are bathtub or sink with a glass on the top; walls are decorated with many shower nozzles on it. Every bowl, dish is the sharp of bathtub or toilet. Well…can you stand for it?


There are already 12 Modern Toilet restaurants in Taiwan, and internationally in Hong Kong and Japan too. Meals in this restaurant are Japanese-Taiwanese style. The food comes in your own hot toilet bowl with a little fake “poop” on one side. Their popular meals are different kinds of Shabu Shabu, served with a side of vegetables, soup, and rice.  You are also able to choose different ingredients in the Shabu Shabu, such as beef, pork, or vegetables.

 For me, the most delicious Shabu Shabu in this restaurant is with the milk soup base.  The ingredients in this hot pot are full with the flavour of milk. It surprised me that hot milk does not taste any bad smell of the milk. On the other hand, the milk makes every food taste smooth and a little bit sweet. If you want to try some new stuff, I highly recommend this one.

 The second Shabu Shabu that I think is good is the curry one.  The curry is Japanese style, so it is not spicy but has a strong taste of curry. I like to serve curry with beef instead of pork. 

 Dessert of ice-cream comes in a squat toilet.

 They also provide a big bowl of dessert that can feed several people.  These desserts are sliced ice with sauce and serve with ice-cream. However, I am not really impressed with the look of the dessert. It’s kind of disgusting like mixed everything in it.

So, don’t go to the wrong toilet!

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A news of Modern Toilet Restaurant: 

Subtitle: This is an interesting restaurant in Taiwan; the theme of this restaurant is toilet; not only the tables and seats are stools and sinks, the bowls and plates are in toilet shape as well; (Reporter:) Do you think it’s weird that eating with toilet? (Girl:) No, it is really special. If you want to have a special meal, this restaurant is one of your choices.

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Taiwan — P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant

 P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant (金屋藏車餐廳)

The theme of this restaurant is using Mini Cooper as all the decorations, apparently are used as tables and chairs. The doorknob is the Cooper’s steering. Inside the restaurant, there is only one complete pink Mini Cooper. Others are divided into half. If you want to dine in this pink Mini Cooper, you have to make an appointment before you go there. So when you dine in the pink Mini Cooper, you seem like eating in the car. Since you actually have to open the car’s door and go on in the car and to dine. There are others couple split Coopers and altered to the dining room seat too. The bar table is re-equips by an old Volkswagen Beetle, seems like Chevrolet 1955 sales leader, Cadillac 1959 Cadillac Convertible, or Coupe Series 6200, etc. Other decorations such as various American car licenses, guidepost, parking taximeter, fuel filling machine, etc. The employer of this restaurant not only likes to gather different kinds of cars, but also these old-fashion’s decorations from the free markets. Therefore, she put all her collections to decorate the restaurant. The washroom of this restaurant is a place that you should go and have a look. It is because it decorated like a family’s room, which is really fancy and neat. The foods in P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant are Italian dishes in Southern California flavors. But in order to cater to Taiwanese, most of the foods are fusion. Couple years ago, a Taiwanese TV drama used this restaurant for filming. In the TV drama, the main characters have a special ice-cream in this restaurant, but actually the restaurant does not have this ice-cream. However, a lot of visitors do not know that and order the ice-cream. As a result, P.S. Bu Bu provides 10 this special ice-cream every day. Their popular main-course is mutton with a special sauce. The mutton is from America and use rosemary as seasoning.  If you want to have mutton, you should choose the meat of lamb, while its meats are softer and the most important is without the bad and offensive smell of mutton.Another popular food is the chicken noodle with cheese and ocimum basilicum (Dark opal basil). The special of this noodle is using green sauces – Olive oil, chopped garlic, special leaves, etc. Then they used their unique seasoning to mix with the spaghetti.

Their popular drink is milk shake. There are strawberry, chocolate, and oreo’s flavors. If you like dessert, you should also try the banana split with several of fruits. It is really delicious that you can’t miss it!

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Address: No. 1, Lane 140, Sec. 7, Jhongshan N. Road, Shihlin District, Taipei City 11151

Tel: 02-2876-0698

Services hours: Everyday 12:00 – 22:00