Japan — Wagashi


Wagashi is a traditional Japanese dessert/sweet snacks, or some people will say they are Japanese dim sum. Wagashi has almost 1,000 years of history. The main ingredients are rice, flour, red bean, and sugar. Mostly Japanese people are served it with green tea, especially in spring and summer, a lot of Japanese will have wagashi while they are enjoying the cherry blossoms (JAP: sakura) and other flowers.

Depended on different seasons, sessions, and occasions, there will be different kinds, patterns, shapes, and flowers of the wagashi.

Most of the yaki, such as dorayaki, taiyaki, etc, are belonged to wagashi as well. Thus not all wagashi(s) are created very beautiful.



Here are some beautiful wagashi:

Recommended Stores:

1) In Ueno, there are various stores that sell traditional Japanese products, foods, and drinks. It is a good place for visitors to buy gifts.

2) 7-jyo-kansyundo – 7-jyo-kansyundo provides different kinds of wagashi. One special wagashi is the “tea set wagashi”. You can use the cup to drink tea, at the same time you are also able to eat the tea cup. That’s really cool~

Address: No. 551, higashi-iri-nishi Street, Shichi-jyou Main Road, Higashiyama City, Kyoto; TEL: (075) 541-4090; Business Hour: 10:00 – 18:00

3) Tsuruya-yoshinobu (homu-peji) – Tsuruya-yoshinobu have various stores in Japan, but their main chain is in Kyoto.

Address: 602-8434, horikawa-nishi-iri, imotegawadoori Street, kamigyouku District, Kyoto. TEL: 075-441-0105

Other Stores’ Address (In JAP)

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Japan — ROYCE’s chocolate

Royce’s chocolate

Besides Shiroi Koibito’s chocolate cookies, Royce’s chocolate is also another famous sweet in Hokkaido. It has to put in the fridge.

The chocolates have the chocolate powder on it, that’s why some people call this chocolate as “chocolate dust.” There are different flavors, such as rum, champagne, Hennessy VSOP, red tea. I highly recommend the rum flavor, since it contains a strong flavor of rum and just a little bit sweet taste. Because the chocolate is cold, so it won’t taste too sweet. When you put the chocolate in the mouth, it will melt immediately .

A box of Royce’s chocolate has 20 pieces of chocolate.

Except the chocolate dust, Royce also provides other sweets.

Royce’s black chocolate dust

Royce’s white chocolate dust

Royce’s potatochip chocolate

Royce’s marshmallow chocolate

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Magic Moments

It is not the first time for me to see Cyril’s magic. Recently Cyril performed card’s magic in a Taiwanese award ceremony. That’s make me remember I saw his street magic of changing foods a few years ago. So, I search in youtube and share his magic with you all. These magic are related to foods….I’m wondering if everyone can play this magic, then we don’t have to cook or pay for delicious foods. Just buy a food magazine, and then you will have tons of choices. Haha…..

Cyril Takayama ‘s…. magic moments…here you go..

Get a burger:

Have a coffee:

Changing rice to noodle:

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Something you could read

I currently found some articles that described the night markets in Taiwan, and I believed that these articles are written by Taiwanese. As a reference, you guys may know more about how’s the night markets look like.

Article #1: Hitting the Night Markets

Article #2: Shi Lin Night Market: Offers Dining, Shopping and Entertainment at Cut-rate Prices

Pictures: A popular way to see, shop, smell and eat your way through Taiwan

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Other Night Markets in Taiwan

Southern Part of Taiwan

District Area

Night Market


Famous foods/snacks

Chiayi City

East District

Wunhua Night Market (文化路夜市)

From Jhongshan Rd to Chueiyang Rd

Turkey rice, soy milk, doufuhau, fish’s head, etc

2006/07/01 turned to the 16th park

Kalokfuk Night Market (家樂福夜市)

Bo-ai Rd

·Open every Tueday – Sunday

Chiayi County

Puzih City

Puzih Night Market (朴子夜市)

Near Sec. 1, Sihwei Rd, Guangfusin Rd., and San-an Rd.; next to the sport center

· Only open on Saturday

Dalin Township

Dalin Night Market (大林夜市)

Near Dalin Train station

· Only open on Monday

Minsyong Township

Minsyong Night Market (民雄夜市)

Near Minsyong Temple

· Only open on Monday

Tainan County

Guantian Township

Nuantian Night Market (隆田夜市)

Near Nuantian primary school and sport center

Lioujia Township

Lioujia Night Market (六甲夜市)

Tainan City

West Central District

Wusheng Night Market (武聖夜市)

No.69, Wusheng Rd

Only open on Wednesday and Saturday

North District

Siaobei Night Market (小北夜市)

From the cross-section of Simen Rd to Lin-an Rd

Tan Tsai Noodle, fish congee, eel noodle, etc

West Central District

Huayuan Night Market (花園夜市)

Hai-an Rd and Hewei Rd

·Open on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

Chenggong Night Market (成功夜市)

Lane 171, Sec. 1, Simen Rd.

· Open on Tuesday and Friday

North District

Tai Dong Night Market (大東夜市)

Linsen Rd.

·Open on Tuesday and Friday

Taitonee Night Market (大統一夜市)

Sec. 4, Sec 311, Simen Rd

· Open on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

West Central District

Yonghua Night Market (永華夜市)

Yonghua 2st St

·Open on Thursday and Sunday

Tai Tainan Night Market (大台南夜市)

Hai-an Rd

· The biggest night market in Taiwan

Open on Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Kaohsiung City

Cianjin District

Liouhe Night Market (六合夜市)

Liouhe 2nd Rd.

Papaya milk, traditional congee, steamed salty shrimp, etc

Sanmin District

Xin Xeng Night Market (新興夜市)

Nanhua Rd

Mushroom with meat soup, fried corn, ice-shaving, etc

Gushan District

Ruifeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市)

Minglun Rd., Yucheng Rd. and Nanping Rd.

·Monday and Wednesday off

The biggest night market in Kaohsiung City

Lingya District

Guanghua Night Market (光華夜市)

Sanduo Rd. and Guanghua Rd

Singjhong Night Market (興中夜市)

Singjhong Rd. and Wunheng Rd

Kaohsiung County

Gangshan Township

Cingnian Night Market (青年夜市)

Cingnian St

· Open every Thur to Sun

Fongshan City

Guotai Night Market (國泰夜市)

Guotai Rd

· Open every Wednesday, Friday to Sunday

Pingtung County

Pingtung City

Minzu Night Market (民族夜市)

Minzu Rd.

Meat balls, mushroom soup, Chinese rice dumpling, ice-shaving, etc.

Rueiguang Night Market (瑞光夜市)

Eastern Part of Taiwan

Yilan County

Luodong Township

Luodong Night Market (羅東夜市)

Downtown of Luodong

Oar jien, duck meat, meat soup, chicken finger, ect

Hualien County

Hualien City

Beibin Night Market (北濱夜市)

Beibin St

Nanbin Night Market (南濱夜市)

Nanbin Park

Stinky tofu, oar jien, fried salty shrimp, etc

Zihciang Night Market (自強夜市)

Zihciang St

Different kinds of fruit juice

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Night Markets in Middle Taiwan

Middle part of Taiwan

District Area

Night Market


Famous foods/snacks

Taichung City

Central District

Jhonghua Night Market (中華夜市)

Near Gongyuan Rd. and Mincyuan Rd

Meatball, Chinese spring roll, Medicine duck, etc

Situn District

FengJia Night Mareket (逢甲夜市)

Near Fusing Rd. and Wunhua Rd

Zongzi (Chinese rice dumpling), stinky tofu, sausage, etc

Donghai Night Market (東海夜市)

Near Donghai University

Cold chicken finger, etc

South District

Jhongsiao Night Market (忠孝夜市)

Near Guoguang Rd.

Omurice, Medicine duck, etc

Nantou County

Caotun Township

Caoxie Dunrenwen Night Market (草鞋墩人文夜市)

Jhongjheng Rd.

Indian tea, Medicine duck, spiral shells with liquor, etc

Changhua County

Lugang Township

Lugang Night Market (鹿港夜市)

From Lugang Temple to Minzu Rd.

Oyster, Thalassinidea

Yunlin County

Douliou City

Douliou Night Market (斗六夜市)

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