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Happy Valentine’s Day! Wish all couples are sweet as chocolate~


  Black As Chocolate

Black As Chocolate (the pioneer name is Awfully Chocolate) is opened by a Taiwanese actress, Stella Wong. Due to the legal issues, she changed the name of her shop. Stella used the color of black and white as the main color of her dessert shop. Although without the best looking of the cake (generally compared with all other desserts, the look of her cakes are not quite good looking), every dessert is able to give you a surprise. All the desserts are only 6 inches, which is not really big. So people are able to have different cakes at a time.Her desserts divided into 3 categories, a tease, a rush, and overkill.


1) A Tease:

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1575614896.jpg picture by hoilingtam Chocolate Cheese Cake – I am fans of cheese cake, I love any kind of cheese cakes. The sponge cake is chocolate flavor, with the cheese that from Australia. The cheese is a little bit sour, so when it served with chocolate, the cake does not taste really sweet at all. In between the two layer of cheese there is chocolate cream as well. On the top of the cake have some broken pieces of biscuits which taste like oreo.

untitled2-1.jpg image by hoilingtamuntitled3.jpg image by hoilingtam Strawberry Chocolate Dip –  A sweet strawberry with a thick dip of chocolate outside. Every box has 6 strawberries. Well, this one is not really special, since everyone is able to make it at home.

2) A Rush:

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5.jpg image by hoilingtam6.jpg image by hoilingtam Blackcurrant and strawberry chocolate cake – With a thick chocolate cream on the top, and the sour blackcurrant cream inside create a match of the whole cake. Every bite will have a slide strawberry that drive people crazy.

1575614898.jpg picture by hoilingtam1575614899.jpg picture by hoilingtam Mango and Passion fruit chocolate cake – In between the cake is mango meat. Every bite you can taste a strong flavor of mango.

3) An Overkill: 

13.jpg picture by hoilingtam

1575614900.jpg picture by hoilingtam1575614901.jpg picture by hoilingtam Classical chocolate cake – With 70% of Belgium Royal dark chocolate, a little bit bitter but with the chocolate sponge cake become my second favorite. If you like chocolate very much, you must try this one.

9.jpg picture by hoilingtam 

10.jpg picture by hoilingtam11.jpg picture by hoilingtam Raspberry tart – If you like sour food, you must try this one.

 14.jpg picture by hoilingtam15.jpg picture by hoilingtam Hazelnut chocolate cake –  3 layers of sponge cake and full with hazelnuts inside.  


Every box have a unique paper inside which is a story of each dessert that create by Stella.

2242592919_3037f3355b_o.jpg picture by hoilingtam1362883909_c041139d4a.jpg picture by hoilingtam1575614904.jpg picture by hoilingtam

1575614892.jpg image by hoilingtam1575614893.jpg image by hoilingtamBLACK as CHOCOLATEblack as chocolateBlack as chocolate 

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