Japan — Kobe Beef

Kobe beef

Kobe beef is known as the most expensive “Japanese Wagyu”.

The reason that Kobe beef is so expensive is because those cattle are fostering in a superior livelihood. Not only the living environment is really good and comfortable, but also their diets are extremely fastidiousness. There are official staffs to feed the cattle to drink beer, in order to accelerate the cattle’s blood circulation. So to make their flesh more smooth. Besides, there are professional massagers to help the cattle to massage. Thus the muscle and fat of the cattle will share more equally. Like the beef in Canada, beef are divided into categories. Japanese beef are categorized into 5 levels, A5 is known as the best beef. Kobe beef is categorized at A4 to A5.

There are several methods to eat Kobe beef, such as sashimi, iron pan-fried, broiled, shabu-shabu, fried with salt, etc.

Kobe beef in supermarket

Kobe beef on pan-fried

Kobe beef for Shabu-Shabu

Kobe beef Sushi

Kobe beef Sashimi



Recommended Restaurants:

1) Steak Land Kobe

This restaurant provide iron pan-fried Kobe beef and located in Sannomiya.


Address: 2/F, 1 Miyasako building (@ Chuo area, Kobe city)

Little tips:

Most of the staffs and chefs are able to speak English, thus, communication is not a problem.

In order to prevent the belongings of customers will absorb soot, thus there are lockers for customers to put their private properties.

2) Originator of Teppanyaki Kobe Misono Restaurant

This restaurant is first restaurant that provided iron pan-fried of Kobe beef in Japan. This restaurant opened since 1945, and has branches through Japan, such as in Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, Shinjuku, etc.

3) Rokkasen restaurant

Rokkasen restaurant also a famous restaurant in Japan that eats Japanese beefs. They provide different kinds of Wagyu included Kobe beef.

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